What is Zip Pay?





Zip Pay is a reusable account of up to $1,000 that allows you to shop now and pay later. No upfront payments and interest free always. Make as many purchases as you like up to your account limit, then set up flexible repayments to suit your lifestyle. Easy as.

How does it work?

Apply in moments and get approved for up to $1,000 instantly. Once approved, start shopping with Mediscrubs online or instore, or wherever you see Zip at the checkout. That’s it – your purchase is all yours, with nothing to pay today. Interest free always.

How do repayments work?

Your first payment won’t be due until the end of the next month. when you open your account, Zip Pay set up a monthly payment of $40 (or less if the amount you have spent is under $40). This will come from your linked debit card on the last day of each month and run until your purchases are paid off.

Finally, if there’s nothing owing on your account, there’s nothing to pay. Your account simply remains active until you’re ready to make a purchase.

Am I eligible to use Zip Pay?


To be eligible to apply for a Zip Pay account, you need to:

  • Be aged 18 years or older
  • Be an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Have a valid Australian mobile phone number and email address
  • Have a verified Facebook, PayPal or LinkedIn account in your own name
  • Have a valid debit card, in your name
  • Have not declared bankruptcy or insolvency


What are the fees?


Zip Pay is 100% interest free, always. There’s a $6.00 monthly account fee, this monthly fee is waived if your closing balance is paid by the due date. No balance is paid by the due date. No balance no fee. And you’ll pay nothing upfront – there are no setup fees and no hidden charges.

If you don’t meet your minimum monthly repayment, a $5.00 late fee may apply. That’s it.

How do refunds work?



You can start by speaking with us (Mediscrubs) – if we agree, we will process the refunded amount which will appear back in your Zip account. If a refund puts your Zip account in credit, you can contact Zip Pay to have the amount refunded to your bank account instead. Or, simply use it for your next purchase.