Mediscrubs Roadshows


Regular Roadshows
Mediscrubs regularly holds Roadshow events for our customers throughout the year. These events may showcase new items and introduce one-off items to our members that we may not typically carry all year round.
Roadshows are for You
Our Roadshows allow us to meet as many customers as possible at one time. They’re a great opportunity for you to chat with a Mediscrubs representative and share your thoughts on our service and products.
View, Feel and Fit
We’re passionate about delivering convenience to our consumers, and a Mediscrubs Roadshow is the best way for you to view, feel and be fitted with several styles of scrub tops and pants at a time that suits you in your workplace.


How to Book a Roadshow







Booking a Mediscrubs Roadshow Live Event for your hospital, department, or clinic could not be easier. The team at Mediscrubs are here to assist with your Roadshow. Email Flavia at Mediscrubs ([email protected]) and she will assist you to organise a suitable date & time for your Roadshow.




What happens next?



Once your date has been reserved, we immediately send you a confirmation email containing everything needed to inform your staff of the event: We will provide a customised digital list detailing the date and time of your Roadshow and an eye-catching digital promo to put up around your workplace to help inform staff of the Roadshow. We will then communicate leading up to the event date to discuss any other needs.

Can I try before I buy?


Of course you can try before purchasing. We’ll have as many sizes and styles available as we can. If we don’t have it on the day you can make an order with our Roadshow representative.


Do I need to book beforehand?


To ensure that we take enough inventory with us on the day, we like to have some indication of numbers. Usually you will contact the person from your organisation to inform them of your intention to be there.


What are the benefits of booking a Roadshow


Roadshows allow you the convenience of having us come to you, rather than having to travel to our shop on the Gold Coast, or the common uncertainties that come with shopping online.


Do I need a specific amount of people to have a Roadshow?




For us the more people that attend the better, because it takes time and resources to run a Roadshow. For us to have a successful Roadshow we hope to have a minimum of  25 people, however this is not a prerequisite to having a Roadshow. If you are unsure, please contact Flavia at [email protected]