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We love wearing our mediscrubs blue scrub, they are so comfortable and the quality is of the highest standard

, Australian Skin Clinics

Professional uniforms that suit all body shapes both for men and women


, Australian Skin Clinics

Luxury uniforms that never go out of style


, Australian Skin Clinics

I spent about three months getting samples and quotes from scrub companies only to be left disappointed in both the quality of scrubs and the way I was dealt with by other companies. I contacted Mediscrubs in hope that they will be able to assist me with my requirements, and am very relieved to have finally found a company that will answer all my questions and fill my orders in such a short amount of time. I spoke with Penny mostly from Mediscrubs and am very pleased to recommend Mediscrubs to others.

I received our scrubs today and they are … ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!! I loved every piece of em!!! I was bit worried regarding the size and whether the color would be okay but with all your help the sizes are perfect not too big nor small, the colors are divine,  I love all of em. And the embroidered logo is perfect as well. Thank you for the great assistance and the service I really appreciate it. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. God Bless,

We received our samples, only one day after placing our request. We kept our samples for one week while the department decided on colours and styles and we were happy to place a large order for our hospital. Only three weeks after our first contact with Mediscrubs, our entire department is wearing brand new uniforms with the Queensland Government logo and everyone looks fantastic! We can’t wait to share a group photo.” “We are very happy with our new uniforms, thanks to you and your team. Your service and product is 100%. Thank you.

Penny I would like to say thank you for such quick delivery and excellent service. Our school will be ordering a lot more from you in the near future.

Thank you for the excellent product and great service you have provided to the department.  All staff members who have purchased scrubs from you have been incredibly happy with the quality of the product and service. We look forward to purchasing more scrubs in the near future!

I have enjoyed getting to know you and I appreciate the assistance you have provided in putting our students in scrubs. Take care.