New Year, New Job, New Scrubs

New Year, New Job, New Scrubs

Congratulations on your Graduation

Firstly, we would like to congratulate you on graduating from medical school. We know how challenging it is to study medicine. Afterall, Medicine has always been the most respected profession in all societies around the world because it deals with the bodies of living beings; all of which are very complex to understand, and it takes many years of study and dedication to get to this point. After graduation the world is your oyster as the saying goes. So, what’s next?

Starting your new career in Medicine

Receiving an offer of a new job often brings a mix of emotions from elation and relief to nerves about starting afresh at a new hospital or busy clinic. You may even have tinges of uncertainty about whether the role really is right for you. While all these feelings are quite normal and understandable, a critical first step is to be confident on your first day at work. It’s critical to arrive punctually so be sure to check transport timetables or work out the quickest route by car and the ever-important availability of parking.
If you haven’t already discussed the basics like shifts, safety rules and uniform requirements, now is the time to do so. The way you handle your first day in the job can leave a lasting impression with your new colleagues, so aim to be as professional as possible. A good strong first impression is essential. The best first impression is to be professional by speaking clearly, using eye contact and by maintaining a professional look by wearing the correct required uniform or suitable work attire.

Professional Uniform

A key advantage in a company uniform is the staff morale and camaraderie. When people wear the same type of work clothing, they feel they are part of a team. It instils a sense of belonging and pride in the job and company. Uniforms level the playing field and no matter where you sit in the chain of command you feel valued and a greater sense of team spirit.

A branded uniform can help identify your role and status, which is important when working in busy hospitals and clinics.

A financial benefit is that branded uniforms are often a claimable tax deduction* if the uniform is a set of clothing that identifies you as an employee of a specific company. If it is compulsory for them to wear the work uniform, then it is therefore considered a work-related expense so the cost of such a uniform is usually deductible.

Mediscrubs has solutions to meet your needs

Fortunately for you, Mediscrubs is a major player when it comes to professional work wear including medical scrubs, uniforms and lab wear, (all of which can be embroidered with personalised branding.) In fact, we are the preferred supplier for many hospitals, universities, dental practices, aged care, veterinary clinics and laboratories across Australia and abroad.

We offer unisex scrubs, as well as scrubs designed specifically for men and women. We provide several styles and colours, and also are able to customise your uniforms to suit your specific needs.

Your New Job in 2020

Get job ready in 2020 with a Mediscrubs uniform. Checkout bundles where you can purchase hospital approved scrub sets online at discounted rates or if you prefer, we can help you get started with group orders where companies can enjoy unique discounts that buying as individuals could never hope to attract. Whatever your uniform needs, be sure to give Mediscrubs are call. We are the place where real nurses shop.