Mediscrubs scrubs and medical uniforms for hospitals
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Hospital Scrubs
We are Australia's premier supplier of medical uniforms. We offer a wide range of professional work apparel including scrubs, jackets, labwear and custom designs. You won't want to wear anything else after you have worn Mediscrubs.
Who we are? Mediscrubs are your premium uniform supplier
Who we are

Mediscrubs are a leading designer and manufacturer of medical uniforms, and we can help create a look that best represents your business and increase awareness of your unique brand.

Mediscrubs for nursing scrubs and doctors apparel: scrubs and uniforms
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Lab Coats and Gowns are custom made and have a 4-5 week wait on orders.


As one of the leading medical apparel suppliers in Australia, we have a wide variety of products available to meet all your professional attire needs. Our website catalog alone should cover the needs of almost every medical facility in the country. However, we recognise that many facilities will require less common or even entirely specialised work clothing options. As not just a retailer of our products, but a manufacturer as well we should be able to make whatever it is you need in whatever quantity you need, dependent only on our possession of sufficient supplies. With that in mind, the world is your oyster when it comes to medical apparel from Mediscrubs. Need some Advice? We’re here to Help For advice on our large range of hospital scrubs, lab coats and gowns, for online ordering, or any enquiries about embroidery we are here to help. Call (07) 55 376 443 now for a confidential chat with one of our experts.