Luxury Scrub Designer Mediscrubs Opens New Store

Luxury Scrub Designer Mediscrubs Opens New Store

Mediscrubs, known for the world’s most comfortable scrubs, has settled in nicely at our new location in Biggera Waters, on the beautiful Gold Coast, Queensland, and we’re excited about you visiting our new and improved store. Only a 30 second drive from our previous location, the new Mediscrubs store overlooks the Harbour Town Shopping Outlet, and a visit is still the best way for you to purchase your favourite scrubs, uniforms, and medical apparel. With our newest location comes an enriched shopping experience that we’re sure you will love.

Unlike the many overseas online stores, who sell several brands, and not their own, you can trust that Mediscrubs is prepared to stand by our own Mediscrubs brand scrubs and medical uniforms. We are able to do so, because have been designing and manufacturing our own brand of scrubs since 2009. Since our conception we have grown to operate our own warehouse, hold our own stock, and oversee the manufacture of each garments that we sell instore and online. When buying mediscrubs you can be assured that we proudly stand behind all of our products.

Scrubs, Shoes & Medical Accessories
With a diverse selection of all your much-loved Mediscrubs scrub sets and medical uniforms, our in-store customers have the opportunity to try our products before they purchase them. In addition to this, to make your shopping experience more enjoyable our new store offers a relaxed and fun atmosphere where you are guaranteed superior customer service.

“Initially the idea to keep open a physical store came from anecdotal feedback from customers and from our team that people would still like somewhere to visit. This started a chain reaction really, and, now we are fundamentally in a transformational period, where we are really spending a lot of time listening to customers and their needs.” says Mediscrubs Director, Penny Dacey.

Mediscrubs has taken your  feedback and quantified it with some consumer testing. We asked our target audience whether they would value being able to visit a bricks-and-mortar store. The results demonstrated 40 per cent of the people we surveyed would value being able to visit a store, and 80 per cent would go there with the intent of trying on some products lines. This strong feedback was the catalyst to keep open our store and improve our facilities. Our new store actually addresses consumers’ needs very directly, and we are focused on what we learned from consumers about what they want in a brick and mortar store. When we set out to revitalise Mediscrubs retail store, we wanted it to be a destination where health care workers and students would feel comfortable visiting. A store where they can enjoy the experience of shopping for scrubs in one central location.

We believe we are delivering one of the most extensive, diverse and exciting retail offerings that health care workers have seen in several years. Like many businesses now, the health industry is realising you have to provide consumers with a choice in how to interact with you, rather than just trying to funnel them into digital-only. It’s critical that we provide our customers with choice in how they want to interact with us, and there is a huge focus on trust and reliability. We can build that effectively in a face-to-face transaction, and our store aligns with customer preference and choice.

Come and enjoy the Mediscrubs experience for yourself.
We would love to have you visit us at our new store, conveniently located at 12/8 Centre View Drive, Biggera Waters, overlooking Harbour Town shopping centre. Our store hours are Monday thru Friday 8am – 5.30pm and we are now open Saturday 9am – 1pm. Of course you can always shop 24/7 online via the Mediscubs website

Let Mediscrubs take you to work!

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