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Let us help you to visually build brand awareness and provide company exposure through your uniforms. A key advantage of branded company uniforms is that they will improve staff morale and comradeship. Wearing the same style of work wear will allow staff to feel part of a team. It instills a sense of belonging and company pride which translates to productivity.



Our mission is to provide customers with the most comfortable, stylish and highly durable scrubs that look good and feel good too. At Mediscrubs we believe in empowering and fitting high quality medical uniforms to all Healthcare professionals around the world. Whether you are a nurse, doctor, dentist, vet, or beauty therapist, our diverse range of scrubs will suit your everyday needs.


Our women’s scrubs are not only stylish but give you that feminine feel to provide you comfort whilst making a statement. The men’s scrubs are professional and smart offering a variety of options to suit all workplace needs. Lab coats and jackets need to stand out and you will LOVE standing in our jackets and gowns. For something unique and different we offer contrast trim fashion scrub tops, mock wrap tops and a variety of tunic style uniforms.


To increase your brand identity and make your business stand out we can customise your scrubs with your logo. We provide the best solutions for hospital departments, healthcare practices and clinics when you order your scrubs with embroidery. Our embroidery department is onsite and you can order everything at our one stop shop with discounts on group orders. When the fun and festivity arises we have scrubs to suit all seasons including Christmas prints, Easter prints, Halloween and fun Paediatric prints. It’s not what you wear, it’s who you wear – Let us take you to work!

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Mediscrubs are your corporate partner offering uniform solutions to strengthen your brand.

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