Same Nurse. New Curves - Maternity Scrubs

Same Nurse. New Curves - Maternity Scrubs

Accommodate the bump without the frump

Are you growing out of your pre-pregnancy scrubs, need more room to grow and don’t want to be caught wearing a potato sack to work? If you’re looking for a maternity scrub top and scrub pants that mirrors you non-pregnant scrubs as closely as possible, these maternity scrubs by mediscrubs are going to be  your scrub top pick.

Well, we have the answer for you – great fitting and extremely stylish maternity scrubs by Mediscrubs.

Maternity wear is not a luxury product in the sense that there is a need to be fulfilled. Just sizing up is not a strategy that works for the whole pregnancy. While your current scrubs may have fitted your bump for a time, eventually they will not be so flattering. That’s why we introduced our maternity scrub collection.

Mediscrubs maternity scrubs have been specifically designed to flatter and accentuate while taking your changing curves into account and are constructed to both flatter and support your bump.

While COVID-19 has made us all be more aware of what we spend our money on, maternity scrubs have some ‘pandemic proof’ characteristics in that they are a real need that needs a solution.

Pregnant women are not different to women who are not pregnant. They still have their sense of style and it’s important to keep dressing during a pregnancy in a way that reflects your style signature. That’s why Mediscrubs have maternity scrubs designed for expectant mothers with style and comfort in mind. Stretch fabric for comfort. Shapely maternity designs that make these maternity scrubs a favourite for many healthcare professionals in Australia.

The maternity scrub tops and matching scrub pants have ample pocket space and are flexible enough to meet your pregnancy demands. Choose from a wide range of colors and maintain a fashion-forward look.

Mediscrubs maternity scrubs comes highly recommended by expecting nurses. Mums-to-be say the belly band on these maternity scrub pants is super comfortable and makes the work day much more enjoyable than simply buying larger scrubs.

If maternity scrubs aren’t your thing, you can always buy scrubs a size or two up to accommodate your pregnancy. Buying big will leave some extra fabric in the shoulders, arms and legs, but hey, sometimes bigger is better.