Mediscrubs have been providing affordable options on all veterinary scrubs and uniforms since 2009. We specialise in scrubs that are comfortable and durable enough to let you get on with the real business of veterinary work. We know this because we manufacture our own range of professional medical workwear that is suitable for veterinary surgeons, nurses, handlers and administration staff. Our own brand of scrubs and uniforms provide the professional look you require without sacrificing quality, so you can be assured that you will find something that you will love wearing everyday. Mediscrubs also have our own in-house embroidery department where we can offer beautifully embroidered logos that can be  easily added to personalise your uniforms and reflect your brand to create that professional element that will make you stand out from the crowd. We’ve got Professional Veterinary Apparel that’s right for You Mediscrubs give you the ability to custom design your uniforms using custom trims, which enables you to create unique looking uniforms that will appeal to anyone. Whether you’re looking for a veterinary care uniform for your newest team member or you would like to invest in brand new uniforms for your entire veterinary team, we can assist you to choose the right products. Need some Advice? We’re here to Help For advice on our large range of veterinary scrubs, lab coats and gowns,, for online ordering, or any enquiries about embroidery we are here to help. Call (07) 2102 6443 now for a confidential chat with one of our experts.

Hi Bronwyn,
I just wanted to say I am so completely blown away by the standard of your business as well as your employees. I was so impressed by how quickly you responded to my emails, even outside of business hours; but to receive my purchase just over 1 day after I finalised my payment completely blew me away.
I also want to mention that although I had an issue with sizing, Kristen (apologies if I spelt her name wrong) was able to assist me the best way she could to ensure I had a replacement sent to me as soon as possible. She even went above and beyond to find me a substitute better suited to me to ensure I didn’t face the same sizing issue again.
Prior to working in the medical field, I spent 10 years working in customer service, so I know full well how thankless this industry can be. I just want to thank you all for the service you’ve provided, you have a life long customer in me.
Thank you so much and enjoy your weekend 😊