Giving back to Street Side Medics

Giving back to Street Side Medics

We are proud to be a sponsor for the amazing not-for-profit organisation Street Side Medics. Founded by Dr. Daniel Nour and his fellow directors Street Side Medics helps provide healthcare to the homeless community across NSW through their mobile medical centre. 

What is homelessness?

Homelessness includes people who are sleeping rough, couch surfing, staying in temporary accommodation, have no fixed address and those housed in long-term hostels and shelters. At its core homelessness is a disconnection from the society in which we live, and as a result a homeless person is far more likely to suffer from mental health issues and illnesses than the rest of the community. With the number of people experiencing homelessness in Australia growing, these problems are only going to get worse. Street-side-Medics embroidered scrubsHealth and homelessness

Homelessness not only causes illness, but it can exacerbate pre-existing health issues to critical levels, and while the number of people experiencing homelessness has grown, medical funding to support people has remained inadequate. Dr. Nour and his team at Street Side Medics have made it their goal to alleviate this problem, by giving the homeless community access to primary healthcare. 

How Mediscrubs is helping

Mediscrubs are donating 20x Embroidered Scrub Tops for the Street Side Medics team to wear whilst they are providing optimal healthcare to those who cannot afford it. We commend the work they do and will continue to support this wonderful organisation.