Comfortable and Fashionable Scrub Pants for Nurses

Comfortable and Fashionable Scrub Pants for Nurses


How many times have you tried on scrub pants and thought to yourself, “Are these figure flattering, does my bottom look big in these?” or “Are these scrub pants hard-wearing enough to handle the workout they’re going to get at work?”

These are fair questions because scrubs should fit well, they should look good and they should be resilient enough to last the distance. Afterall, as a nurse or doctor you’re probably going to be wearing your scrubs more than any casual clothing you own so you want to be sure that you own scrub sets, especially a good pair scrub pants that you can rely on day in and out.


We have found that customers who shop in-store at Mediscrubs often try on more than one style of scrub pant because they want to be sure their scrub pants look good, feel comfortable and are durable and stretchy.

Some might say that it’s only a nursing work uniform but there’s no need to apologise for wanting the best. That’s why we have designed several styles of scrub pants, from crowd favourites – Unisex Cargo and Regular cut to the more feminine looking Bootcut. In fact, if you buy any Bootcut scrub pants online you can save 10% on the RRP.

Our scrub pants come in a variety of colours from Navy and Black to Pink and Burgundy. In fact, all our scrubs come in 14 different colours and sizes range from XSS to 5XL.

All Mediscrubs scrub pants offer extra stretch and come in both regular length and ‘talls’ for individual who enjoy a little extra length in the leg.

When shopping online, if you find that you’re not sure about sizing or fit, you can call our store Monday to Friday between 8am – 5pm, or message us via Live Chat (bottom right corner) on our website.

If you want to shop in-store and try before you buy, our store is open 8am-5pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 1pm on Saturdays.

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Remember, when shopping for scrub pants at Mediscrubs, that we also offer a huge selection of men’s, women’s and unisex scrubs in matching colours and contrast trims.

Lastly, check us out online because we provide our own in-house embroidery service and when buying in Bundles you can get FREE embroidery when buying scrub sets form selected health care providers, ideal when buying in bulk.

Mediscrubs are well known for quality workwear made just for health professionals. Let us help you make an informed decision when buying scrubs

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