The Importance of Pre-ordering your Xmas Scrub Tops

The Importance of Pre-ordering your Xmas Scrub Tops

This is just a friendly reminder that Christmas is just around the corner and Mediscrubs 2019 Xmas scrub tops are now available for pre-ordering.

The Time has Arrived for you to Pre-Order

This time of year, we always get asked, “When is the ideal time to pre-order my Xmas scrub print?” And we really only have one answer to that: “Yesterday.” As nerve-wracking as it sounds, it’s the way to go.

We can say this because Mediscrubs has offered Pre-Orders on our Xmas scrub prints since our founding, and the process is very much intertwined with our history as a brand.

From the very beginning we knew we had some pretty cool Xmas scrub prints the no one else had, and we knew there was a demand for it. So, we put our mouths where the money was, so to speak. We offered exclusive pre-ordering for our newsletter subscribers who could and will Pre-Order, months in advance. From our very first offering the response was overwhelming. We sold out of our entire production before we ever received a single product from our manufacturer. We did the same the following year, and we sold out even faster.

Every year pre-orders sell out faster than the year before, and this year will the same. With that in mind, we urge you to subscribe now to ensure that you are amongst the fortunate few who will be wearing a 2019 Mediscrubs Xmas print scrub top.

But wait there’s more

Due to the overwhelming popularity of our Xmas Scrubs, we have decided to not only offer prints on the Unisex 4 pocket scrub tops as per normal, but we have now included the option to buy the same Xmas prints on a Women’s Fit Spandex scrub top, one of our most popular scrub tops for women.

What are you waiting for?

Pre-orders allow you to reserve your chosen Xmas print/s on the scrub top of your choice via our online store before it’s officially made available to the general public. Pre-ordering means that the product is not currently in stock and you must place your order as per normal if you’d like to secure your size before the item arrives with us. The benefit of purchasing Pre-order items is that you will secure your size without risking the item becoming sold out shortly after we list it publicly online.

As we have stated, many times before, stocks are limited, and pre-ordering is the only way to guarantee that you won’t miss out on your favourite print and style of scrub top.

Don’t be amning the disappointed few- pre order one or more Xmas scrub tops today. Make sure you’re the first to be wearing a Mediscrubs 2019 Xmas scrub top this Holiday season.