The Anatomy of Scrubs and Medical apparel

When it comes to buying scrubs, there will always be several factors that one must contemplate, and each of these must be carefully considered to ensure that your final purchase are the most suitable scrubs for your type of work.

Choose comfortable scrubs

If you already work in nursing then you know that you will generally be on your feet anywhere between 8 and 12 hours per shift. So, it stands to reason that comfortable scrubs will be at the top of your list. This is where sizing is of most importance. If you find yourself wearing ill-fitting scrubs, the discomfort will eventually wear you down, and may affect your overall performance which could lead to devastating consequences. That said, ensure that the scrub tops and scrub pants you decide to buy not only fit, but are made from materials that allow you to feel comfortable throughout your busy work schedule.

We suggest a 65% Polyester/35% Cotton blend as we believe this to be a stronger blend of materials, which is less prone to pilling and static. When these two materials are combined, the wearer gets the benefits of both polyester and cotton fibres in one fabric that is more breathable, comfortable and elastic.

What colour scrubs should you choose?

Colour may also be very important as many public hospitals and private practices require that different departments wear specific colours in order to easily recognise what department a health worker is from, and these restrictions on colour may also vary depending on a health workers job description. For example, a registered nurse (RN) in medical imaging (MI) may be required to wear black scrubs and a technician also from MI may be required to wear navy scrubs. In this same hospital, a RN who works in the emergency department (ED) may be required to wear teal coloured scrubs.

If your workplace has little restrictions on colour and style, then the scrub world is your oyster. We suggest that you start by looking for a colour that’s flattering to your skin tone. Our experience has taught us that bright colours often washout fair-skinned people, whilst darker tones are universally flattering. Monotone coloured scrub sets such as steel grey, black and white are usually a safe bet.

What style scrubs should you consider?

Much like colour, the style of your scrubs may also have workplace restrictions. However, we have found that most hospitals and facilities will at least allow you to choose between two different styles. The most popular of these being tops such as 3 or 4 pocket unisex scrub tops, women’s fit scrub tops, women’s fit with spandex and scrub pants in cargo or regular cut being the most preferred. However, Mediscrubs have several popular styles available including mock-wraps, tunic tops and boot-cut scrub pants designed exclusively for women.

Chest Pocket vs. No Chest Pocket: Think of what you usually put in your chest pocket, and how important these items are. If you are totally dependent on the storage space that it provides, then a chest pocket is what you need. But if you feel that you will be loading this pocket with unnecessary and weighted items, then you might consider a 3-pocket scrub top or women’s fit, both which have ample pocket space in the patch pockets. But what about your trusted pen? Mediscrubs scrub tops often feature pen slots and in many instances, these are usually found with chest pockets.

Patch pocket vs. No patch pocket: Patch pockets are mostly useful. You can keep your pens, mobile phone, medicinal apparatuses and other such items safely tucked away. Many of our customers choose scrub tops with patch pockets, but like other factors this is always going to be a personal choice.

If you’re new to buying scrubs online and are worried about fit or colour, shop in- store at Mediscrubs where you can try before you buy. Our last tip is before you buy, do some research and know what style of scrubs, colours, and fabrics work for your body type and don’t be afraid to show off your personal style.