It’s that time of year we all dread – TAX TIME! Don’t be afraid of tax time though, as there are many things you may be able to claim depending on your job and position. But what can you deduct as a healthcare professional? Well, we have done a little research, and here are some of the expenses you may be able to deduct. Please note this is just a guide and you would need to check with your tax professional to get accurate financial advice as every individual and each role is different.

For travel nurses and healthcare workers, you should keep receipts for

  • Travel
  • Accommodation/Rent
  • Meals
  • Internet/Phone

Expenses that may be deducted for other healthcare workers include

We hope this helps, but one of the most important things you can do is to find a registered CPA or tax professional who has experience working with a registered nurse and/ or other healthcare professionals. Happy Tax Deducting Everyone!