Sometimes our workdays are so busy and long that we don’t even notice we have a stain on our scrubs until we change. Or we do notice but don’t have time to remove it before our next shift. Ah! This is frustrating and time consuming at the same time but let’s look at some tips to removing these stains from scrubs.

Coffee and Tea – We all love a coffee in the morning or an arvo cuppa in the tea room, but sometimes it happens to land on our scrubs……whoops!! Don’t let it sit if you can. Blot it with some cold water straight away. If you have access to baking soda, dab some on the wet cloth and blot it on the strained area. Whatever you do, don’t rub the cloth into the stain as this can cause the stain to go further than it already is. Just blot and pat away!

Food Stains – Don’t you hate it when you forget where your mouth is? Lunch and tea breaks aren’t long enough these days which leads to many of us eating on the run and yep you guest it….accidentally dropping some food over our scrubs! Depending on the food, usually you can get these stains out with simply adding some dishwashing or washing liquid to a damp cloth and dabbing it over the area.

Ink Stains – Sometimes we get the annoying pens that leak ink! Yuck! Key here is to again get to the area straight away. If you are at work you may not have time to find some alcohol but the best ingredient to help get an ink stain out is to use rubbing alcohol or household ammonia. You can apply it directly onto the arera with a cloth. Remember not to rub on the area, but rather dab/ pat the stain.

There are many things that can stain your scrubs and of course the best thing to do after the above is to launder your scrubs according to the instructions.
To save energy and ultimately the environment , of course cold water is the best choice.
Another tip is that many washing machines have cycles that are way too long. You do not require long washes and loads of powder get your clothes clean. Keep your detergent minimal, use cold water where possible hang in the shade to minimise fading.