Does it feel like you’re in your scrubs and in your shoes all day?

Healthcare workers will find themselves standing for long hours and often running around during their entire shift. Therefore, it is a no-brainer that when considering workplace footwear you choose shoes that are kind to your feet all day, every day. Why? because Poorly designed shoes or footwear choices can contribute to common injuries such as shin splints and Achilles tendon pain, corns and bunions, ingrown nails, or postural issues, and lower back pain. Injuries such as these may significantly limit or stop you from enjoying a healthy lifestyle. To avoid these types of injuries and other health issues it is important to own the right shoes that will support your feet while at work.

As healthcare professionals, you NEED reliable shoes.

When it comes to shoes, you really do ‘get what you pay for’

There was a time when nurses were only allowed to wear white scrubs and white court shoes. Thankfully, today the choices are endless with plenty of options if you know what you’re looking for. Running shoes are a very popular choice with nurses and other healthcare workers alike because they help support your arches and give you that bounce in your step often needed on a long, tiring shift. In fact, according to podiatrists, runners with a wide toe box are the best as our feet naturally expand during the day. A shoe that is light and durable is a priority and don’t forget that slip-resistant sole as you never know what liquids or spills you may come across. Clogs can also be a good choice for surgeons, nurses, and vets because clogs provide nurses with better support, which helps them minimize foot, ankle, knee, and back pain, which is extremely important as nurses can spend long hours on their feet with little chance for rest.

Tired of shoelaces? Healthcare workers don’t have time to fix laces all the time, not to mention the safety factor in a busy environment. To alleviate this problem, try a slip-on shoe that has comfort and non-slip soles. This option is often a favourite, as it’s fast, safe, and comfortable! Happy shoe shopping everyone.

Here are some of our favourites:

  • Dankso Professional Clog
  • Nike Tanjun Sneaker
  • Sketches Work Sure Track Trickel Slip Resistant Shoe
  • Nurse mate Dove shoes
  • Naturaliser Slip-on Sneaker
  • Brooks Ghost 12 Sneaker