Colour is a powerful communication tool and can be used to help represent your business, signal action, and influence moods. Studies have shown that certain colours can attract certain feelings and help your business create the mood you’re looking for. Colours can also make a statement about the way people perceive your clinic and/or business.

So what do our scrub colours represent? We have compiled a list of what our scrub colours can bring to your business.

AQUA – Balance, Stability, Growth, and Energy
AUBERGINE – Magic, Mystery, Creativity, and Dignity
HUNTER – Tranquility, Nature, and Health
ROYAL BLUE – Intelligence, Calm and Responsible
BURGUNDY – Sophistication, Power, and Integrity
LILAC – Innocence, Tranquility, and youthfulness
BLACK – Power, Elegance, and Sophistication
WHITE – Clean, Fresh, Pure, and Innocent
CARRIBEAN – Tranquility, Balance, and Intelligence
NAVY – Power, Authority, Relaxation, and Peace
TEAL – Rivitalising, Calm, and Clarification
PINK – Youth, Health and Playfulness
LIME – Nature, Confidence, and Energy

So whether you want your clinic to represent power and sophistication or Tranquility and peace, our scrub colours can bring you many different moods and emotions. Choose a colour that best represents your business. For example, we have several beauty clinics that choose black, as they want to communicate sophistication. However, Mediscrubs also has beauty clinics that choose Aqua to communicate Balance and Growth. Once you have your colour, you can then personalise your scrub tops with Embroidery. Our onsite Embroidery department has all colours to suit your logo needs.

Enjoy choosing a colour with Mediscrubs, and love what you wear!