Product bundles is the perfect solution for your business

Product bundles is the perfect solution for your business

What are Mediscrubs Product Bundles

Mediscrubs has incorporated into our website a simple to use  ‘BUNDLES’ area that allows the entire online purchasing process to be much easier for medical staff including nurses, doctors, dentists, and other health professionals employed by hospitals, large departments, or privately owned clinics who are required to wear scrub uniforms emblazoned with company-related embroideries like company logos and/or text such as job title, name, and department.

No two Mediscrubs bundles are ever quite the same, just like the great people in your life.

Shopping for scrubs is such a challenge and often laborious for the modern time-poor health care worker, especially if you are not sure of the uniform requirements for your team. This is a problem that Mediscrubs has long recognised, and that is why we have teamed up with many major hospitals and privately owned practices across Australia to create a tailored shopping experience that is easy and time-saving for new and old staff alike.

Bundle Solutions for You

Two heads are better than one–especially when we combine our resources or share expertise with you to build an exclusive uniform bundle area where your entire team can shop pre-approved uniform styles and colours with agreed embroidery. Typically Mediscrubs uniform bundles, are comprised of a scrub top,  scrub pants, and authorised embroidery. Unlike shopping for individual items, your uniform bundle will always include a complimentary embroidered logo valued at $13.20AU. This discount really adds up when combining several uniform bundles in a single purchase.

Product bundles have proven especially popular with customers who appreciate the bundle’s discount. They also appeal to customers who value speed or simplicity when ordering online. Uniform bundles work because we customise your bundles which could consist of a few products or an entire collection into your very own exclusive area for a personalized shopping experience where your team can order the right uniform every time.

It may seem intimidating at first, but it’s not all that difficult to set up. We’d love to hear from you. You can call direct on (07) 55 376 443 or email your personal customer service representative at [email protected]