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Mediscrubs can deliver your scrubs embroidered and ready to wear.

We have hundreds of logos available for you online,  high quality stitching that will make your uniform stand out.
Mediscrubs has qualified and highly professional embroidery specialists working in-house to provide all customers and organisations with high quality logos on their uniforms. Mediscrubs Embroidery Specialists promise to maintain unbeatable prices with amazing quality. We are able to embroider your logo to the highest standard on all of our products. In every case you will have a superbly finished product to enhance your uniform.

We pride ourselves in meeting your delivery requirements, along with high quality and friendly service.

To set up your logo with Mediscrubs, email a JPEG image of your logo to sales@mediscrubs.com.au with contact details for your organisation. An embroidery specialist will be in contact with you when your logo has been received.


Benefits of Medical Scrubs and Where to Find Personalised Embroidered Custom Scrub Designs

Proper attire is essential in all professions. Wearing appropriate clothing to work gives each person as well as the whole company a more professional look, primarily when you deal with customers on a regular basis. However, the healthcare industry is a special case. Wearing medical scrubs does more than giving the team a unified look (although that is one goal it does accomplish). Here are some of the advantages of wearing custom scrubs in a clinical setting.

Makes it easy to identify staff members

Your personalised scrubs make it easier for patients to tell who works for the hospital or practice and, furthermore, who belongs to which department. That makes scrubs a convenient way of distinguishing between the healthcare professionals in different areas. Or, one look across departments can present a unified front.

Makes performing daily operations easier

Many clinical settings include white surroundings, white uniforms, and bright lights. All that white can lead to eye fatigue for staff and surgeons. Darker and more colourful scrubs can reduce eye strain and make it easier for surgeons and healthcare professionals to perform their duties efficiently. 

Protects workers and patients

Some scrub designs include antibacterial protection to keep healthcare workers and the people they serve safer and healthier. This feature is an important one because certain types of infection can be severe or even deadly. Medical uniforms that resist bacteria and are easy to clean helps prevent the spread of disease.

Helps patients feel more comfortable

Traditional all-white uniforms can look stark and intimidating, particularly to children. It can also be hard on the eyes, especially in combination with bright exam room lights. White uniforms are also highly unforgiving when it comes to blood and other stains. Therefore, coloured, personalised scrubs can be calming for patients and help them relax.

Suitable for all body types

The people in the healthcare industry are regular people who come in every imaginable shape and size. Custom scrubs come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and cuts to fit anyone comfortably. Comfort is vital to keep your team happy and functioning at their best.

Provides both fashion and comfort

Medical scrubs are made with comfort in mind. The fabrics are easy to move around in – many people find that wearing scrubs is a lot like wearing pyjamas to work! Also, even though they are extremely comfortable, a nice selection of embroidered scrubs can still give your team the unified and professional look you want them to have.

Find embroidered scrubs at Mediscrubs

At Mediscrubs, we offer a wide range of scrub designs so that you can find just what you need. Whether you choose one colour and let your staff pick out the style they prefer, or you would rather buy all the scrubs in bulk yourself, we can help. Our products are made to the highest quality standards, and we offer exceptional service, fast shipping, and unbeatable prices. Contact Mediscrubs today to see all we have to offer.