Our New Antimicrobial Fabric is here!

Our New Antimicrobial Fabric is here!

What’s New at Mediscrubs?

Recent health concerns surrounding the worldwide pandemic have generated a renewed interest in the ways technology is helping us stay safe. One such example is we have upgraded fabric with better technology.

New Scrubs, Better Fabric

Mediscrubs is an innovative forward thinking company and we will continue to always put our best scrubs forward. In that vein, we have launched our latest antimicrobial, wrinkle free fabric! By design, the scientifically selected blend of 51% Polyester, 44% Cotton and 5% Spandex allow for more breathable, lightweight and stretchable scrubs that are more resistant to tearing and abrasion, and are even easier to care for.


Our New fabric is engineered for maximum durability and support

This perfect composition of fibers is soft and agreeable as it allows for ideal air circulation, keeping its wearer cool and comfortable. The consolidated strength of the fibers make this a very durable fabric that allows it to be washed often and does not wrinkle easily. 

With elasticity stretch and now more breathable, our new season scrubs, uniforms and lab wear incorporate this new blend of fabric that will provide you with the style and confidence you really deserve.  The Antimicrobial elements will keep your scrubs fresh and you will just love the fact your scrubs are now wrinkle free.

Mediscrubs mission is to consistently provide customers with the most comfortable, stylish and highly durable scrubs that look good and feel good too. Our new uniforms are no different and have been created with the current clinical environment in mind.

Your feedback tells us that the new blend of fabric only enhances our professional uniforms and if nurses and midwives are comfortable they can focus better on the job at hand which is caring for patients which is ultimately the end goal. We look forward to seeing every wonderful medical professional out and about in their new Mediscrubs uniforms. 

We hope you love the new fabric as much as we do.



Penny Dacey