New plan to lure doctors and nurses to the bush

New plan to lure doctors and nurses to the bush

Government to lure doctors and nurses to rural, regional, and remote areas by slashing university debt

Doctors and nurses who choose to work in regional Australia could have their university debt cleared by the federal government in an attempt to fill critical GP shortages in the bush.

That’s what’s on offer for doctors and nurse practitioners under a new scheme aimed at attracting more health professionals to rural, regional, and remote areas.

“They basically will be getting all of their HECS back, so that can be up to $100,000 for students studying medicine.”

From January 2022, the federal government will wipe the university debt of doctors or nurse practitioners, under a few conditions. If they are in a remote community, they must work at least 24 hours a week for a period equivalent to half the length of their degree. While those in rural and regional areas will need to work the same number of hours over a period as long as their entire degree.

The federal government scheme is designed to attract more health professionals to the country by paying off the debts for those working in regional and remote areas where there is currently a doctor shortage.