Mediscrubs are making a global impact with our Scrubs

Mediscrubs are making a global impact with our Scrubs

Nursing volunteers in Africa working with Mediscrubs

Over the years Mediscrubs have donated scrubs to various causes, and it’s times like now that we cherish the most. We have recently received some beautiful pictures from Midwife Jodie Cornell who has generously donated her time with three other nursing volunteers to help pregnant mothers and others in need of medical help in Africa. These photographs show Jodie along with other volunteers posing with members of the local medical team at the Mount Meru District Hospital in Tanzania, and those members receiving and wearing scrubs donated by Mediscrubs.

Local midwives showing off their newly donated mediscrubs scrub tops with medi Trip volunteer Jodie

Jodie, along with other skilled nurses and midwives have challenged themselves as practitioners and have generously volunteered their time and expertise in nursing and midwifery to assist pregnant mothers in African countries when they answered the call from the amazing organisation Medi Trip.

Medi Trip Volunteers was an idea founded by a nursing student as an idea to innovate the medical volunteer realm. The idea is simple enough, volunteer student nurse can share their medical knowledge to benefit communities and in return they gain a broader perspective and deep fondness and respect for their new host community.

Medi Trip is clinically led, medically focused and patient centred. Medi Trip are distinguished in being able to use healthcare experience and expertise to pick the most suitable settings for professional volunteers to experience. Each placement is carefully assessed and selected for suitability to professional volunteers, as well as how much contribution goes into the local health and social welfare

Volunteers like Jodie work directly with patient’s in a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses and assistants caring for sick and unwell people in Africa. Each new day is a working challenge, but the reward far outweighs any difficulties faced.

Medi Trip Projects in Africa for nurses and midwives

Sadly, maternal death rates are closely linked with the high fertility rates and low socio-economic status of women, especially the lack of influence that women have over their own health care or over the daily household budget. According to national statistics, every year over 450 women die from pregnancy related complications for every 100,000 live births.

Causes of maternal death include obstetric haemorrhage, unsafe abortions, eclampsia, obstructed labour and infections. Low availability of emergency obstetric and newborn care services, chronic shortage of skilled health providers together with a weak referral system contribute to the observed high maternal deaths.” UNICEF.

It’s important for Mediscrubs to partner with charity

Most of us learned as children that sharing is a good thing. We didn’t know we were practicing philanthropy — we just knew that giving to other people or important causes made us feel good. This is what is known as philanthropy. At its core, philanthropy is anything that represents a direct effort to help others — ideally, effort expended without expectations of getting something in return. Many organisations such as Mediscrubs directly benefit people who need help. For our part we regularly donate nursing scrubs to organisations like Medi Trip.

We know that many medical professionals in resource-poor areas do not have access to basic medical supplies including scrubs. In fact, many of these professionals have never owned a set of scrubs, so where we can, we donate our scrubs to charitable causes and to doctors, nurses and medical assistants anywhere in the world where they may be needed.

No matter what form our partnerships take us, we just hope that they are sustainable for our business and create real benefit for the charities we are working with.