Emergency Nurses Day

Emergency Nurses Day


National Emergency Nurse’s Day on the second Wednesday in October recognizes the dedication of ER nurses across the nation and it takes place during Emergency Nurses Week. We take this day to say “thank you” to the emergency room nurses for their hard work, dedication, service, and commitment. As they provide unwavering care to their patients and families, their loyalty to the emergency nursing profession does not go unnoticed.

Emergency room nurses are the first people we see when we have an accident or a medical emergency. They work hard to put us at ease and eliminate pain and discomfort. The day encourages us to let them know just how important they are in keeping hospitals running smoothly.

Promoted and sponsored by the Emergency Nurses Association and having originated in Australia back in 1989, Emergency Nurses Day is now an international celebration, intended to honor the hard work and dedication of emergency nurses all around the world. Why do emergency nurses warrant special appreciation? Well, quite simply, because they make a huge difference to sick, injured, and even dying people every single day, offering vital assistance and support.

Nursing as a profession requires a special level of compassion and nurses working in hospital emergency wards face numerous difficulties during their working life, yet still, return every day to provide crucial care for those who need it the most. A special focus is placed on Emergency Nurses Day, which forms one part of a wider celebration, called Emergency Nurses Week. Various events are held around the world, in order to give thanks and show support for those who choose to work in this essential profession.


How to celebrate Emergency Nurses Day

There are a number of different ways that you can celebrate Emergency Nurses Day. If you know someone who is an emergency nurse, you can use this day in order to make them aware of how much you appreciate all of their hard work and all of the effort that they put in. You could send them a greeting card, thanking them for their work.

We recommend spending a bit of time on Emergency Nurses Day learning more about the role of emergency nurses and why they are so critical. You can read up on the daily duties of emergency nurses, as well as the education and qualifications that are required to make it in this position.

HOW TO OBSERVE #EmergencyNursesDay

While not everyone has experienced an emergency visit, you can still participate in the day.

  • Learn more about the day in the life of an emergency nurse.
  • Send them a note of care and support.
  • Put together care packages for emergency nurses. Add bottled water, energy snacks, a card of encouragement, or a coffee gift card.
  • Share your experiences under the care of an emergency nurse.
  • Give them a word of compassion.
  • Help your hospital organize an event to show your support and appreciation for nurses.
  • Give a shout-out on social media to an emergency nurse you know.

No matter how you thank them, don’t forget to use #EmergencyNursesDay to post on social media.