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Do you #lovemediscrubs? Become a Brand Ambassador and enjoy the perks.

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Now is the best time to get on board and represent.

Become a brand ambassador! We would love to give you the opportunity to share to the world how you wear Mediscrubs. Check out the guidelines and perks, then send an email with your social media handles if you are interested! Share your creative side with your photos! Get coffee, walk your dog, do whatever you love! We love seeing you wear your Mediscrubs scrubs in everyday life and on the job.

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How to Get Started
Have a public Instagram account?
Have 2000+ Instagram followers
Submit at least 3 photos per month
Post about Mediscrubs minimum 3 times per month
Must interact with our account frequently (i.e. commenting and sharing our posts on your stories)
Use the hashtag #lovemediscrubs OR #thinkmediscrubs and tag us when posting about us.
Photos must be clear, as high resolution as possible (give professional photographers credit)
Try to get the Mediscrubs logo in the shot!
Lifestyle shots are always best
You will receive one set of scrubs upon acceptance into the brand ambassador program, and additional scrub sets/new releases so long as criteria is met. Access to the Mediscrubs community where you will get exclusive updates. Receive Mediscrubs merchandise when available and get featured on Mediscrubs socials and receive scrubs/merch for giveaways on your social media.
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Registration is FREE with NO OBLIGATION to COMMIT! You Have NOTHING TO LOSE and EVERYTHING TO GAIN! Take Advantage of this UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY Today.
If you meet our criteria you will start on a two-month trial period to see if the content you send meets our requirements.
As an Ambassador, an image of you doing your favourite thing wearing our brand of scrubs with a direct link to your Instagram account may be featured on our site:


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