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Expect delays on orders during the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games


What we’re doing to improve our service for customers

We’re looking forward to the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games from 4 to 15 April, though the event will come with challenges. These include road closures, security checkpoints, increased traffic and access difficulties in event areas, which will affect our delivery drivers. In order to minimise disruptions, we’re amending our operations, but we cannot guarantee our usual 24-hour delivery service between the 4th to 15th April 2018.

We will be continually reviewing our pick-up and delivery schedules, all the while working with Australia Post to work around traffic congestion where possible. We’ll be doing everything we can to maintain our best service to you. However, we ask that you still expect some delays on deliveries during these dates. We suggest that it is best for you to plan your orders around these changes.

Get The Luck of The Irish all March when you Buy Lime Green Scrubs


St. Patrick’s Day Specials and Sales for 2018

Celebrate your Luck O’ the Irish with our hand-picked St Patrick’s Day sales on Lime Green Scrubs throughout the month of March

Save a  lucky 10%  and save your wallet some green by shopping with Mediscrubs.

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2. Coupon codes are limited. Our site will tell you when the “Coupon code is “no longer valid” when the ‘LUCKY17″ code has hit the maximum number of people allowed to use it.

3. The promotion commences at 00.01 AEST on 1st March 2018 and closes at 23.59 AEST on 31st March 2018 , or when coupons are sold out. (“Promotional Period”).


Win 1 OF 4 Google Home – Smart Home Devices

mediscrubs competitions

WIN 1 of 4 Google Home – Smart Home Devices, valued between $75 – $199 RRP EACH!

Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant.

Ask it questions. Tell it to do things.
It’s your own Google, always ready to help. Just start with, “Ok Google”


Winners are Grinners at Mediscrubs – Shop Now for Your Chance to Win 1 of 4 Google Smart Home Devices we are giving away this March, just by buying your scrubs or professional medical uniform with Mediscrubs.

For your chance to WIN, simply purchase any Mediscrubs products to the value of AUD$200.00 in any one single transaction throughout the month of March. The more you purchase, the higher your chance of winning.


Google Home Smart speaker x 2 valued at $199.00 each



Meet your Google Assistant

Google Home is powered by the Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own Google, always ready to help. Just start by saying, “Ok Google”.

Key Features


Get answers from Google

Get real-time answers including the latest on weather, traffic, sports, finance, local businesses and more. Ask for things like translations, calculations, nutritional information and unit conversions hands-free. Or search for other information that you’re curious about with the power of Google Search.

Enjoy your music

With a simple voice command, play tunes from your favourite services like YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Spotify and more. Enjoy even more compatible audio services by streaming directly from your phone to Google Home. *
*Google Home is optimised for selected music and audio services only. Subscriptions/payments may be required.


Manage your everyday tasks.

Easily hear your travel itinerary, daily schedule, and more. Just ask “how long will it take to get to work?” to find out about your commute and get the real-time answers you need, right away. Google Home even curate’s daily information specific to you. Just start by saying, “Tell me about my day” and get up to speed on everything you need to know.

Control your smart home.
Simply ask Google Home to stream videos to your TV with Chromecast, or to turn on your compatible smart light bulbs.
*Controlling your TV requires a Chromecast or a TV with Chromecast built-in.

A speaker designed for any room.
Google Home’s high excursion speaker delivers Hi-Fi sound quality. It can also hear you reliably, thanks to far-field microphones.

  • Connected Home Device Type - Smart Speaker
  • Wireless - True
  • Wi-Fi - 802.11 ac
  • Voice Control - True
  • Virtual Assistant - Google Assistant
  • Built-in Microphone - True
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty - 1 Year

Google Home Mini  x 2 valued at $75.00 each



Meet your Google Assistant

Small and mighty. Google Home Mini is powered by the Google Assistant. Ask it questions. tell it to do things. It’s never been easier to get hands-free help in any room.

Key Features

A powerful little helper.
Get hands-free help in any room with Google Home Mini. It’s powered by the Google Assistant. You can ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own personal Google.

Get answers from Google.
Use your voice to quickly find information about the weather, news, sports and more.
“Hey Google, will I need an umbrella today?”


Manage your day from breakfast to bed.
Get help with things like your schedule, commute, travel information and more.
“Hey Google, wake me up at 6:30 AM tomorrow.”

Play, pause and rewind. Hands-free.
Control your favorite music, movies and shows, using only your voice.
“Hey Google, play some pop music.”
*Subscriptions required to access some content. 











Control your smart home.
Use your voice to control your compatible lights, thermostats and more.
“Hey Google, turn off the bedroom lights.”

Your voice. Your info
Get personalised responses for everyone at home with voice recognition.
“Hey Google, when is my first meeting tomorrow?”
*Google Home Mini can distinguish up to six voices in total.

  • Connected Home Device Type - Smart Speaker
  • Wireless - True
  • Wi-Fi - 802.11 ac
  • Works with Google Assistant - True
  • Voice Control - True
  • Virtual Assistant - Google Assistant
  • Built-in Microphone - True
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty - 1 Year

Promoter: Mediscrubs Pty. Ltd.

Prize/s : 2 x Google Home Smart  Home Device | 2 x Google Home Mini
Number of Prizes: Four (4) total – Prizes include:

  • 2x Google Home Smart Devices (valued $199.00 each).
  • 2x Google Home Mini (valued $75.00 each).

Entry limits: Unlimited
Age Requirement: 18+
Opening Date: 1st March 2018
Closing Date:  30th March 2018

Win a Google HOME Competition Terms and Conditions

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3. The promotion commences at 00.01 AEST on 6th February 2018 and closes at 23.59 AEST on 20th February 2018 , or when coupons are sold out. (“Promotional Period”).

Nurse shortage expected to have disastrous affect to patient care in NSW



Nurses needed in NSW as a predicted shortage will adversely affect patient care

According to new data just out, New South Wales, and in particular south-west Sydney is geared up for a nursing crisis with what has been described as “catastrophic” shortage of staff with the state’s 70,000 full time-staff unable to satisfy predicted patient demand.

And, this shortfall is expected to worsen over the coming decade, with current modelling suggesting that the estimated 74,000 full-time registered nurses and midwives working by 2030 will fall far short of the 82,000 that will be urgently required to meet current trends.

Already in 2018, NSW will need an additional 2,000 full-time enrolled nurses to meet current demand, and 8,000 fewer nurses by 2030 is an unwelcome and grim forecast for the many hospitals and aged-care centres who rely on their services.

The current workforce of 9,000 full-time staff will plummet to 7,500 by 2030, while at the same time demand will sky-rocket to about 13,000.

Deficit of recruits and ageing workforce to blame

An aging demographic, combined with an aging workforce will lead to a critical shortage of nursing staff, and it is of the upmost importance for the industry to train and develop the skills of younger nurses in an effort to retain them.

It has  been suggested that residents of south-west Sydney might just hope to avoid getting sick as this area will bear the brunt of the modelled shortages.

Here the risk of a shortfall of enrolled nurses is described on a bushfire-style chart in the documents as “catastrophic”.

Current modelling suggests that south-west Sydney will require the service of around 600 enrolled nurses in 2030, however only 150 are predicted to be available.

The risk of a shortfall of enrolled nurses for Sydney, rural NSW, the Mid-North Coast and the entire Metro NSW public sector is charted as a major risk, only one step down from catastrophic.

NSW public servants suggest the data models a “worst-case scenario”, and expect new policies currently in place to mitigate the crisis.

source: ABC NEWS

Nursing – Follow your heart is the best advice

nurse (RN) and aged care client


A nursing career in Australia offers the opportunity to join one of the most highly regarded and trusted fraternities of working professionals in the world, and to make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of people in Australia and abroad.

Nursing careers are in more demand than ever before. As the population in Australia. continues to age, there’s an ever-increasing demand for nurses, especially skilled nurses with advanced education and training. And with the spiralling costs of health care, nurses are more often on the front lines of health care delivery. While doctors are becoming more specialised and spending less time with patients, nurses are stepping up to provide direct health care to more patients than ever before.

Nursing continues to grow in its scope of practice and is evolving every day. It is always changing with time. Its impact in the health care profession has grown to such influences that it is becoming one of the leading roles in health care. Nursing is involved in so many professional venues. Whether it’s within the homes of a community, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc., there are so many options that an aspiring nurse has. This variety alone, as well as the variety of people one can work with, is well worth exploring its potential.

Once you are committed to nursing, never let anyone tell you where your nursing career should be heading. Experienced nurses will tell you that the only way to enjoy your career, and get the best out of your patients is to follow your heart. Like most other vocations, nursing needn’t remain static, you can carve out your own path in nursing and be the best you can be.

There is no single path that all nurses must take to start or to continue their careers. Everyone is different, culturally, physically and mentally. The way we were raised, our interests, personalities, temperaments, ambitions, and dreams will never be the same as that of another individual.

Remember Nursing is a serious career and is not an easy profession to pursue. However, if you have the dedication, a desire to help others above and beyond your needs and a willingness to accept the rewards of knowing that you made a difference in someone’s life, then this is the career for you. – Don’t give up hope in pursuing a career in nursing. The path can be arduous. But nothing in life that is easy is worth fighting for.

Doctors call for national care system

Australian healthcare professionals and doctors


Australian doctors and clinicians have prepared a plan that they believe can revolutionise the current Australian health care system and take it beyond what they call a broken and imbalanced service to a more balanced and valued-based care system.

The aforementioned blueprint designed by Australian Health professionals is called “Healthy people, healthy systems”, and it has four proposals the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA), says will eliminate the politics and unfair accusations of blame out of reform.

The first of the fours suggestions is to create an independent national health authority that reports directly to the Council of Australian Governments or the COAG Health Council. This would allow for a nationally unified and regionally controlled health system, AHHA chief executive Alison Verhoeven said in her statement to Australian Associated Press (AAP).

The other recommendations comprise proposals that all government-funded health providers provide data on patient outcomes to support gauge performance, generating a national health workforce plan that considers roles and accountabilities rather than locality, and sustaining Commonwealth financial support for public hospitals with a mixed funding formula.

‘Over the past nine months Australian health leaders mapped out how to transform our healthcare system into a fit for purpose 21st century system that will meet the needs and expectations of Australians,” Ms Verhoeven said.

“Healthy people, healthy systems is a solid blueprint with a range of short, medium and long-term recommendations on how to reorientate our healthcare system to focus on patient outcomes and value rather than vested interests.”

Original Source: AAP

Get Smart

left side, right side thinking

Intelligence Testing

The earliest recorded intelligence test was made by the Chinese emperor Ta Yu in 22,000 BC. It was devised to examine government officials, and was used as the basis for promoting or firing them. Today, intelligence testing forms part of the scope of Psychometry, a branch of Psychology specialised in psychological testing. Psychometrics create, administer, and interpret tests and their results. Psychometrics typically hold masters in Psychology, and underwent extensive courses on testing. They work in educational, business, and clinical settings.

Intelligence can be measured in a number of different ways, the most common one being the famous “intelligence quotient” or IQ. However, like many other aspects of the field of intelligence, there is much debate and disagreement over the “correct” way to measure intelligence and each method has its supporters and critics.

Despite decades of research into how different brains work, these experts say there are no easy answers. Scientists now know that there are multiple types of intelligence. There’s a strong genetic component to certain aspects of intelligence. And scores on intelligence tests are tightly linked to school performance, future income level, health and more.

However, IQ scores are far from the only factor that determines how well people do in life. Also, conversations about innate differences in intelligence continue to make people uneasy, probably because there is a long history of racism, classism, sexism and even religious discrimination tied up in discussions about who is smarter than whom.

What is Intelligence Anyway?

“What is intelligence anyway” is an argumentative essay. In this essay writer Isaac Asimov makes an argument that intelligence is not absolute but is a function of the society.

Intelligence is the subjective matter. A person intelligent in one field may be a loggerhead in another field. It may be possible that a person is intelligent in two or more field but he/she will still be lagging behind another field. Hence, we can’t say the person is intelligent in general. For example, a good teacher might be a bad student and vice versa. A good administrator may be a bad father.

Asimov also focus on the fact that intelligent is the outcome to experience and knowledge. Asimov is intelligent regarding study and literature, but he does not exhibit the thinking required to maintain his car. His automobile repairman is far more intelligent in this field than him. But on the other hand, Asimov is far more intelligent within study and literature than his automobile repair man.

Hence, intelligent is the subjective matter. Any person cannot be intelligent in general. It depends on their particular field of concern.

Who’s Smart?

It really doesn’t matter whether you “are smart” or not, unless your goal is to get people to say, “You’re smart.” To achieve things in life, we need to be inquisitive, which you clearly are, since you’re reading this blog post. We all need to seek information and clarity when necessary, which you also obviously know how to do; and we have to be tenacious, throwing ourselves at problems for hours, days, weeks, or years until we solve them or die trying. We don’t know if you do that or not, but it’s a skill that has nothing to do with intelligence.

Some people have quicker minds than others. But all of us can keep bashing at a problem until it gives. A man with a limp can climb a mountain, as long as he gives himself time.

Happy New Year 2018

happy new year 2018


Before you get completely wasted, make a fool of yourself, stumble your way home and pass out, let us wish you a very happy New Year. Let us celebrate this exciting, colourful, grand, magical New Year with a great big smile. Wishing you a year full of happiness and prosperity.

Our New Year’s resolution is to be a little less perfect so we can stop making everyone else look so bad. 

  • This coming year may you have happiness, good health, prosperity and finally realise how awesome MediScrubs really are!
  • May you grow old enough that you struggle to stay up until midnight, prefer to stay home on New Year’s Eve and are unable to remember what a New Year celebration was like when you were young.
  • To all of our friends, may your Facebook page be full of New Year wishes from people you barely know.
  • May your New Year’s resolution be high definition. And may you be too drunk to understand that joke!
  • May this year give you the opportunity to follow your dreams, love like there is no tomorrow and smile unconditionally.
  • Happy New Year! Here’s hoping that we can stay up later than 9 o’clock.

New Year, new you, new resolution, new change, new beginning, new opportunities.

Ring out the old. Invite in the new. As we say goodbye to 2017, we can look forward to the hope and possibilities that 2018 will bring.  We welcome a brand new chapter in your life.

May light always be around you, hope always surround you. May your wounds fade out; heart embrace kindness, love and wisdom. May your smile never leave your lips and may a healthy glow stay on your cheeks. May all your desires turn true; This is our New Year Wish for you.

Happy New Year to you all from Mediscrubs!

Consider the people working on Christmas Day

nursing staff working xmas day in nursing home


Santa is not the only one who works his butt off over Christmas. As you are opening your presents with family and friends, enjoying your excessive Christmas lunch, and cheerfully debating with your significant other the importance of spending equal time with your extended families, just spare a thought for the those who cannot enjoy such trivialities on December 25.

Most of us will be spending our Christmas day surrounded by family and friends, with the majority of Australian offices, shopping centres, banks and worksites shut for the day. But there are the other half of Australian’s, who provide crucial services, that allow our Xmas day to run as smoothly as possible?

When you actually sit back and think about it, there’s a significant number of people who through whatever circumstances will spend Christmas day away from their families. These are the countless nursing staff who work in and around hospitals, and emergency service staff and volunteers who give up their day with family to help others who find themselves in need.

Many paramedics are always on call, which makes it impossible to predict whether or not they’ll be home to celebrate. And there are those who work in nursing homes and palliative care. Veterinary surgery’s will have to be fully staffed and operational to attend to the many animals that require daily feeding, cleaning, medicating and exercising. And of course, there are the family pets and local wildlife that might find themselves victims of accidental poisoning, road accidents and the occasional injury cause by careless back yard cricketers.

Many chefs will be working long hours to ensure that they feed the masses on what is probably going to be their busiest day of the year. Volunteers will be working in soup kitchens around the country, feeding the poor and homeless.

How many of us will be able to safely get around without the aid of public transport and taxis And what about getting our important daily fix of Xmas news. This would be impossible with journalist and the newsroom team, who travel the land for news worthy stories about Christmas cheer and goodwill.

Fire fighters too, will need to be on alert, as this time of year is sadly, bush fire season just as much as it is holiday season, and tragically there is the occasional house fire to attend.

Of course , we wouldn’t have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas day in peace without Australian men and women serving overseas in our armed forces, and those on peace keeping missions, who risk their lives operating in and around areas of unrest and conflict around the world.

So it is with much praise that we salute the efforts of Australia’s tireless workers and countless volunteers who sacrifice their day for the greater good of the community.