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Bronwyn from Mediscrubs is returning to Ward 7c at Ipswich Hospital on September 25th between 1pm & 3pm with our POP UP SCRUB SHOP ROADSHOW.

Bronwyn will be bringing with her all sizes for Ipswich Ward 7C scrubs/uniforms, and EFTPOS will be available on the day.


On the day when you purchase you will receive the following:

  • 10% discount on any items purchased
  • 1 x FREE LOGO per top (valued at $13.20 per logo)
  • Order 3 x scrubs sets or more & receive 1 x FREE Fob watch of your choice.
  • FREE postage to Ipswich Hospital

Bronwyn will also be happy to take your orders for our 2018 XMAS Scrub collection

We also have 3 delightful XMAS prints to choose from

  • Mr. Frosty ~ Snowman, Gingerbread man & Xmas tree
    (navy background)
  • Candy Shoppe ~ Penguins, Elves & Candy
    (light blue background)
  • Very Merry ~ Santa, Snowman & Holly (lime green background)

Goodbye September – Hello October Sales at Mediscrubs



New Store, New Stock, and with the Latest 2018 Xmas season printed scrub tops available to pre-order online, we have got you covered for all you scrub needs this September at Mediscrubs.

Purchase your scrubs at Mediscrubs between September 20th & 30th 2018 and we’ll gift you 1 x FREE scrub top for any single order over $250.00 – Plus we’ll provide Free Shipping within Australia and it’s territories.

September Super Sales – Terms and conditions

  • Offer is only valid for purchases made online via or for in-store purchases made at the Mediscrubs store located at 12/8 Centre view Drive, Biggera Waters, QLD, 4216.
  • Offer only valid for purchases valued at $250.00AU that have occurred between 1:30pm September 20th and 11:59pm September 30th 2018.
  • This offer is a stand alone offer and cannot be combined with other special offers, promotions or discounts offered by Mediscrubs.
  • Mediscrubs reserves the right to cancel the sale at any time between September 20th 1:30pm and September 30th 11:59pm 2018.
  • Any purchases made prior to 1:30pm AESDT September 20th 2018 are not include in this offer and are excluded against any claims.
  • Offer does not include, lab coats, scrub jackets, contrast trims tops, caps, lab gowns, theatre gowns, cargo, regular or boot-cut pants or gift vouchers.
  • Does not include Xmas prints or other printed scrubs.
  • Shipping exemption for purchases over $250.00AU made within sale period and only within Australia.

Take a Selfie & Save 10% In-store promo



Receive 10% off your in-store product purchase

To reward you for buying in-store at our NEW SHOP at 12/8 Centre View Drive, Biggera Waters, we are going to gift you 10% off your next in-store product purchase.



To receive your 10% discount, all you have to do is the following:

  • Visit our NEW STORE
  • Purchase any scrub top, pants or set of scrubs
  • Take a selfie in our store wearing your Mediscrubs
  • Post to Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #mediscrubs


* Valid for 1 x in-store purchase only when you posts your selfie to Facebook or Instagram at time of purchase. Offer end September 31st 2018

We’ll Save You Money While You’re Saving Lives

Uniform Bundles with Mediscrubs


Medical professionals have a lot of decisions to make everyday. Some decisions are life changing and some will be life long changes. And, when it comes to buying scrubs the decision should be simple, because buying the right scrubs will be life changing, life long decision that you won’t regret.

Buying Better Scrubs

If you want to buy better clothes that last longer, you have to know what to look for when you’re shopping. This is where investing your time and money when purchasing your scrubs is really is a no- brainer for anyone who wants durable and comfortable workwear that offers longevity and classic style.

The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert to judge whether that next set of scrubs that you’re thinking of buying is good quality or not. You may need to take some time to learn what quality looks and feels like, but here is a simple tip. Check what your scrubs are made from.

Check the Fabric

To get the best out of your scrubs, our experts at Mediscrubs have ensured that our products are a 65% polyester / 35% cotton blend to maximise comfort and durability. This proven blend of these two fabrics will ensure that your Mediscrubs range of scrubs will outlast and out perform every time.

Don’t just take our word for it. We suggest that you do some research first, but we are confident that you’ll always come back to Mediscrubs for your scrub purchases.

Save Money

Now, more importantly, we are fully aware that you are out there saving lives everyday, and we don’t want you to worry with the hassle of shopping around for the best product at the cheapest price. That’s why here at Mediscrubs we offer the best products for the best price, and we even offer bundles for anyone who wants to buy their scrubs in bulk. The best thing about bundles is that we will gift you 1 x FREE LOGO with every time you purchase via bundles. That way we guarantee that we can save you money each time you purchase your scrubs from Mediscrubs.



It’s Easy as 1, 2, 3 to Win

STEP 1. Take a photo of yourself wearing your favourite Mediscrubs apparel

STEP 2. Tag a friend, and post to our Facebook page.

STEP 3. Your tagged friend must also complete steps 1 & 2.

Once you and your tagged friend have each completed steps 1 – 3, you will both have the chance to Win 1 x 2018 Xmas Edition Scrub Top of your Choice.

For a Bonus Chance to Win, Post to your Facebook or Instagram page

There are 3 x Scrub Tops to choose from which include:

Competition ends 12.00pm September 20th 2018.
Winner announced on Facebook no later than September 28th, 2018


6 Tips for a better working day for nurses


1. Prepare for tomorrow, today

It takes longer to get ready in the morning when you are not organised. Just getting a few things ready the night before will save you valuable time. Get your scrubs out and have them laid out, ready to wear before going to bed. Pack a lunch including fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy fats for lasting energy that will carry you through your day. It only takes about a month or so to form long lasting healthy habits.

2. Get a good night’s sleep and eat regular meals

Try going to the gym before you go to work? A good morning workout will clear your mind, and help reduce the stresses of the workday ahead. Working out in the morning will help you to sleep better at night. If you are struggling to catch sleep as a new nurse on night shift, make it a priority to figure out solutions. Some nurses swear by black-out curtains, some take melatonin before bed, some cut blue-light screen time a couple hours before sleep.

3. Watch, listen and get a mentor

Although you’ve been hired for your skills and experience, it’s never too late to be a sponge, and soak in all the good advice. Take note of work styles and attitudes that most suit and inspire you, and always look out for potential mentors in both doctors and nurses, even if they work in a different department, and don’t be afraid to ask what you think are dumb questions. New nurses have a lot to learn, and if you think that you already know everything, how will you ever learn?

4. Take 5 once in a while and look after yourself

It might seem like you don’t have enough hours in the day to get even half of your to-do list checked off. But you can only put off taking care of yourself for so long. Our bodies are amazing, and can withstand a lot of added pressure with stress, lack of sleep and less than perfect lifestyle choices. Coffee and sugar can only go so far. It takes a little care on your behalf to maintain optimal health. Be aware of the subtle signs that might start as a niggle (like colds, digestive issues or other minor ailments) that gradually become more apparent until we listen. Don’t let a minor illness become the catalyst that starts you taking care of yourself.

5. Use your commute to get your head space right.

Don’t be one of the many people who throws away the valuable asset of the daily work commute. Listen to music or anything that motivates you and allows you to feel happy and excited. Don’t depend on the radio, unless you like listening to the same thing over and over again. Make your own Good Vibes’ play-list, save it to your playlist.

6. Remind Yourself of Your “Why.”

No matter how much preparation you do, there’s no escaping the fact that nursing work can be super stressful sometimes. If you find yourself so stressed you want to pull your hair out and run out the door screaming:

• Walk away
• Close your eyes
• Massage your head
• Take 5 deep inhales and exhales

After all of that’s done, remind yourself why you became a nurse. Think about how what you do benefits so many people and always remember that you do it for the patients, for humanity; and for yourself.


Expect delays on orders during the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games


What we’re doing to improve our service for customers

We’re looking forward to the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games from 4 to 15 April, though the event will come with challenges. These include road closures, security checkpoints, increased traffic and access difficulties in event areas, which will affect our delivery drivers. In order to minimise disruptions, we’re amending our operations, but we cannot guarantee our usual 24-hour delivery service between the 4th to 15th April 2018.

We will be continually reviewing our pick-up and delivery schedules, all the while working with Australia Post to work around traffic congestion where possible. We’ll be doing everything we can to maintain our best service to you. However, we ask that you still expect some delays on deliveries during these dates. We suggest that it is best for you to plan your orders around these changes.

Get The Luck of The Irish all March when you Buy Lime Green Scrubs


St. Patrick’s Day Specials and Sales for 2018

Celebrate your Luck O’ the Irish with our hand-picked St Patrick’s Day sales on Lime Green Scrubs throughout the month of March

Save a  lucky 10%  and save your wallet some green by shopping with Mediscrubs.

1. To claim your St. Patricks Day discount of 10% on all Lime Green Scrub tops and Lime Green Scrub pants, each customer must, during the Promotional Period: Visit and purchase in a single transaction, any Lime Green Mediscrubs products and enter the relevant discount code: LUCKY17

2. Coupon codes are limited. Our site will tell you when the “Coupon code is “no longer valid” when the ‘LUCKY17″ code has hit the maximum number of people allowed to use it.

3. The promotion commences at 00.01 AEST on 1st March 2018 and closes at 23.59 AEST on 31st March 2018 , or when coupons are sold out. (“Promotional Period”).


Win 1 OF 4 Google Home – Smart Home Devices

mediscrubs competitions

WIN 1 of 4 Google Home – Smart Home Devices, valued between $75 – $199 RRP EACH!

Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant.

Ask it questions. Tell it to do things.
It’s your own Google, always ready to help. Just start with, “Ok Google”


Winners are Grinners at Mediscrubs – Shop Now for Your Chance to Win 1 of 4 Google Smart Home Devices we are giving away this March, just by buying your scrubs or professional medical uniform with Mediscrubs.

For your chance to WIN, simply purchase any Mediscrubs products to the value of AUD$200.00 in any one single transaction throughout the month of March. The more you purchase, the higher your chance of winning.


Google Home Smart speaker x 2 valued at $199.00 each



Meet your Google Assistant

Google Home is powered by the Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own Google, always ready to help. Just start by saying, “Ok Google”.

Key Features


Get answers from Google

Get real-time answers including the latest on weather, traffic, sports, finance, local businesses and more. Ask for things like translations, calculations, nutritional information and unit conversions hands-free. Or search for other information that you’re curious about with the power of Google Search.

Enjoy your music

With a simple voice command, play tunes from your favourite services like YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Spotify and more. Enjoy even more compatible audio services by streaming directly from your phone to Google Home. *
*Google Home is optimised for selected music and audio services only. Subscriptions/payments may be required.


Manage your everyday tasks.

Easily hear your travel itinerary, daily schedule, and more. Just ask “how long will it take to get to work?” to find out about your commute and get the real-time answers you need, right away. Google Home even curate’s daily information specific to you. Just start by saying, “Tell me about my day” and get up to speed on everything you need to know.

Control your smart home.
Simply ask Google Home to stream videos to your TV with Chromecast, or to turn on your compatible smart light bulbs.
*Controlling your TV requires a Chromecast or a TV with Chromecast built-in.

A speaker designed for any room.
Google Home’s high excursion speaker delivers Hi-Fi sound quality. It can also hear you reliably, thanks to far-field microphones.

  • Connected Home Device Type - Smart Speaker
  • Wireless - True
  • Wi-Fi - 802.11 ac
  • Voice Control - True
  • Virtual Assistant - Google Assistant
  • Built-in Microphone - True
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty - 1 Year

Google Home Mini  x 2 valued at $75.00 each



Meet your Google Assistant

Small and mighty. Google Home Mini is powered by the Google Assistant. Ask it questions. tell it to do things. It’s never been easier to get hands-free help in any room.

Key Features

A powerful little helper.
Get hands-free help in any room with Google Home Mini. It’s powered by the Google Assistant. You can ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own personal Google.

Get answers from Google.
Use your voice to quickly find information about the weather, news, sports and more.
“Hey Google, will I need an umbrella today?”


Manage your day from breakfast to bed.
Get help with things like your schedule, commute, travel information and more.
“Hey Google, wake me up at 6:30 AM tomorrow.”

Play, pause and rewind. Hands-free.
Control your favorite music, movies and shows, using only your voice.
“Hey Google, play some pop music.”
*Subscriptions required to access some content. 











Control your smart home.
Use your voice to control your compatible lights, thermostats and more.
“Hey Google, turn off the bedroom lights.”

Your voice. Your info
Get personalised responses for everyone at home with voice recognition.
“Hey Google, when is my first meeting tomorrow?”
*Google Home Mini can distinguish up to six voices in total.

  • Connected Home Device Type - Smart Speaker
  • Wireless - True
  • Wi-Fi - 802.11 ac
  • Works with Google Assistant - True
  • Voice Control - True
  • Virtual Assistant - Google Assistant
  • Built-in Microphone - True
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty - 1 Year

Promoter: Mediscrubs Pty. Ltd.

Prize/s : 2 x Google Home Smart  Home Device | 2 x Google Home Mini
Number of Prizes: Four (4) total – Prizes include:

  • 2x Google Home Smart Devices (valued $199.00 each).
  • 2x Google Home Mini (valued $75.00 each).

Entry limits: Unlimited
Age Requirement: 18+
Opening Date: 1st March 2018
Closing Date:  30th March 2018

Win a Google HOME Competition Terms and Conditions

Be one of the first 50 people to save 20%

coupon_five coupon_fifteen coupon_twenty_five

5% OFF
First 50 people Only
Enter “5PC18” to active your discount

10% OFF
First 50 people Only
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20% OFF
First 50 people Only
Enter “20PC18” to active your discount


Get a massive discount (Between 20%-5% storewide) but be fast, because we’ve limited the number of customers who can claim these gifts!

1. To claim a discount for either 5%, 15% or 20%, each customer must, during the Promotional Period: Visit and purchase in a single transaction, any Mediscrubs products and enter the relevant discount code/s as seen above.

2. Coupon codes are limited to 50 customers per code, and our site will tell you that the “Coupon code/s are “no longer valid” when each code has hit the maximum number of people allowed to use it.

3. The promotion commences at 00.01 AEST on 6th February 2018 and closes at 23.59 AEST on 20th February 2018 , or when coupons are sold out. (“Promotional Period”).